The project CREMLIN – Connecting Russian and European Measures for Large-scale Research Infrastructures – was a Coordination and Support Action supported by the Horizon 2020 framework programme of the European Union. The project was launched in October 2015 and aimed at fostering scientific cooperation between the Russian Federation and the European Union in the development and scientific exploitation of large-scale research infrastructures. 19 European research centers, including 6 Russian institutions, established a consortium the principal goal of which was the development of coordination and support measures for each research infrastructure and common best practice and policies on internationalisation and opening. The project was intended for 3 years during which each consortium member organized working meetings and/or focus workshops with participation of other CREMLIN members, where problems of mutual interest were discussed and plans for further collaborative efforts were formulated.

UILTIFP Presentations Dec.2020

IAP-Adaptive wavefront correction at high poser laser systems pdf
IAP-Compensation of thermal aberrations pdf
IAP-Hybrid prism-grating stretcher pdf
IAP-Increasing the efficiency of mustistage laser amplifier pdf
IAP-Spatiotemporal development.of QED cascade pdf
SIOM-Research progress in gold gratings and gold-dielectric hybrid gratings pdf
SIOM-Research progress of laser in SIOM pdf
SIOM-Research progress of laser interferometer mainframe pdf
SIOM-Spin effects in strong laser and plasma fields pdf
SIOM-Wavefront correction to improve the focused intensity of 10 PW SULF laser pdf

HBSLDI-2020 and SPIE-PLD 2021 materials

Nonlinear optics for increasing power and contrast of femtosecond laser pulses pdf
Two-stage nonlinear compression of high intensity pulses pdf